Land of the lake. A tiny sliver of African paradise, geographically abundant and culturally indulgent. A country experiencing a wildlife renaissance, understated in popularity yet deserving of its resurgence as a destination of formidable eco-tourism and dynamic deliverance.

Lake Malawi, a pseudo ocean, stretches vertically from the northern border with Tanzania, ceasing abruptly in the centre east. This vast body of fresh water dominates the geography of this tiny nation, copiously gifting mankind with industry, community, adventure and escape.

Malawi is a blended adventure of classic safari tourism and idyllic beachside leisure. Wildlife reserves have been rejuvenated and are now guarded protectively by a community dedicated to permaculture.

So enticing is the allure of Lake Malawi, guests with their toes in the sand of her shores are immediately beguiled. Fisherman scatter across the searing sand. Hollow canoes slice across the stillness of the lake. Sun-seekers drape themselves on towels. Divers slip under the surface to witness lake life as it unfolds in a spectacle of aquatic activity.

As evening descends, bungalows and eco-lodges spread elegantly along the shore glow under the splash of golden dusk. This is a time for leisurely introspection. Stars emerge from behind the folds of tented luxury and a surprising serenity descends as the night awakens, turning the lake yellow, red and black.

Malawi’s soul unquestionably belongs to the lake, but beyond the tranquil water, a backdrop of emerald valleys, grassy plateaus and moss-covered mountains exists. Rainbow trout fill rivers and reservoirs; granite peaks loom high over rugged landscapes; waterfalls hang suspended from rocky outcrops. This is quintessential Malawi, beckoning fishermen, adventurers and soul-searchers.

Malawi is effervescent in its energy. A destination worthy of acknowledgement for its efforts in conservation. Lion and buffalo now stalk the forestry of the Majete National Park. Elephant congregate by shores of the Shire River. Rhino roam the rich terrain of the Liwonde Reserve. Rare tropical fish dance in the depths of Lake Malawi. Malawi is a country of heart and soul, an exciting slice of Africa’s finest.