Uganda sprawls lavishly across East Africa’s central interior, a land-locked pocket of paradise, drenched in tropical rain, mountainous mist and golden light.

This is a country triumphant in its quest for recognition within the safari sphere. Lauded as an African destination with clout, Uganda generously offers a fusion of inspired experiences under the canopy of rainforests and effervescent skies.

Uganda is synonymous with the primate, a destination of dreams for those seeking a conscious connection with these soulful species. A journey into the sloping sanctuary of the silverback gorilla and shrouded seclusion of the chimpanzee is a trek into the epicentre of creation, an investigation of kindred conception, an intimate exploration of man and mammal under the expansive African sky.

Characterised by emerald forests and khaki mountain ranges, blond stretches of savannah, roaring white rapids and dramatic waterfalls, Uganda is achingly beautiful and void of predictability.

This dramatic landscape is worthy of deep exploration. Here, the rolling rapids and watery inclines of Murchison Falls culminate in the turbulent union of Lake Alfred and the Victoria Nile. Hot air-balloons pepper the wild horizon of the Queen Elizabeth National Park. The snow-tipped peaks of Rwenzori ascend into the cobalt canopy of sky above.

Fertile forests congregate in a verdant cluster of vegetation, safeguarding a copious collection of birdlife, thriving within the fragrant shade of their organic surrounds.

Uganda is a spectacular collaboration of nature, a passage through which adventure and introspection is found. Here, under the cascading cataracts, the hanging fronds of tropical forest and the penetrating stare of our primate cousins, freedom is found.