A destination of dreams for the intrepid traveller, Tanzania is a heavenly concoction of earthly elements, a utopian wilderness where life unfolds untamed across the polarising backdrop of sultry savannahs and sky grazing summits.

Tanzania’s safari culture is bold and brave. Here, guests move with the migration, observe the silent movements of the savannah and trek graciously through the leafy shadows of fragrant forests.

Tanzania is the epicentre of the East African experience, glorious in her aesthetic appeal and elevated in her safari status. This is a country with a formidable portfolio of African endeavours, from the conspicuously captivating wildebeest migration across the Serengeti to intimate interactions with chimpanzees in hidden habitats.

The tolerance of Tanzania’s wild occupants is astounding. This is a country where the procession of wildlife continues, ignorant to the presence of man; where Kilimanjaro rises triumphant as a natural authority to be conquered; where chimpanzees tolerate the humans which invade their habitats with joyful indifference.

In Tanzania, as wildlife unfolds oblivious to the observances of humanity, freedom is found. Guests wake to the streaming sun through the sheaths of tented luxury, sip steaming coffee from elevated platforms over rugged outlooks and indulge in dinner delicacies under ceaseless star-lit skies.

Thrilling safaris among the plains game and predators of the Serengeti typically make way for the serenity of the shoreline, an eastern sanctuary of oceanic wonder. Here, weary travellers immerse themselves in the shimmering splendour of their surrounds, stretching lazily onto sun-drenched sand before plunging deep into azure waters to unexplored reefs below.

The communal habituation of mountainous outcrops, ceaseless savannah, lush forestry and translucent coastline is Tanzania’s most astonishing quality. A country of intense animal interaction, formidable geology and iridescent ocean, Tanzania will inspire and humble those fortunate enough to bear witness to its magic.