There is an electric undercurrent that runs from the northern most tip of South Africa to the crest of Table Mountain, a hypnotic heartbeat that hums across the grassy veld, the mopane woodland, the tremendous peaks and dramatic troughs that make up this beautiful land.

South Africa is a dozen different lands under one sky, a scattering of crystalline beaches, sun-baked dunes, glittering metropolises, majestic mountain ranges and flourishing grassland.

In the south-west, mountains carve an ancient pattern, yawning their majesty onto rows of pristine vineyards below. These historic winelands sprawl serenely upon the green, rolling terrain, hung under an ocean mist gliding in from the sea beyond.

Reflected in an ocean mirage of blue and white, Cape Town pulsates with an infectious energy. It reverberates through the sloping streets, the shimmering beaches, the candy-coloured houses and the towering elevation of flat-topped rock that is Table Mountain.

In the north-east, lounging gracefully across nearly two million hectares of African earth, the Kruger National Park beckons. Drenched in almost perpetual sun, this astonishing terrain hosts the rapturous leopard, buffalo, elephant, rhino and lion that make up the Big Five in changing pockets of protected forest, bushland and savannah.

Wildlife thrives across all corners of this diversified landscape. Eagles cry mournfully over fish-filled lakes. Elephants congregate on dusty plains, trumpeting their content. Lion stalk the open grassland while waterbuck, eland, impala, kudu chew in quizzical anticipation.

South Africa is Africa’s most evocative travel destination. An infinite territory of distinguished landscapes and an ocean embrace. A country for the thoughtful traveller, a land of astonishing contrasts, where metropolitan magic meets a sacred wilderness.