Rwanda is unconventional Africa, a spiritual awakening for those in search of encounters of a different kind. Characterised by a dominant topography of volcanic mountains and fertile forestry, this precious pocket of Africa is a destination of vibrant authenticity.

Here, luscious landscapes provoke quiet contemplation, animal interaction arouses introspection and high-altitude habitats invoke conscious observation.

Rwanda is an amalgamation of Africa’s natural resources. Vast tracts of traditional savannah and classic plains game in the east holds space alongside the volcanic rock and high-altitude rainforest that blends organically into the country’s western landscape.

Sprawling canopies of montane trees in Rwanda’s southern corners provide a lush haven for a plethora of primates. It is within this herbaceous paradise that life is given freedom to flourish in an elaborate spectacle of earthly unity.

Rwanda is a sanctuary of biodiversity, where authentic manifestations of wildlife unfold upon the earth. Under the cool, leafy canopy of elevated jungle, a riot of birdlife exists, careless and colourful, alongside indigenous collaborations of primates and elusive big cats.

Rwanda’s carefully constructed tourism strategy was implemented to ensure the preservation of primates. Accommodation is consequently carved into the scenery that surrounds it, respectfully immersing guests in the environmental magnificence of Rwanda’s natural surrounds.

Rwanda is primate country, a land spiritually and physically dominated by the presence of these captivating creatures. Under staggering canopies of bamboo forestry, pathways intertwine through secret spaces to reveal an organic gorilla biosphere. Encounters of this proximity are mystifying, destined to humble and stir the soul.