In Africa, not all adventures belong to the shimmering savannah and mountainous mopane forest. Beyond these emblematic landscapes exists a slice of coastline that hugs Africa’s interior. Where sea and sand swallow some of southern Africa’s most prolific rivers, a destination where idyllic tropical seascapes blend gently into dense African foliage. This is Mozambique.

With a shoreline that stretches, serenely, endlessly from the crest of South Africa to the foot of Tanzania, flanked by a consistently aquamarine ocean, Mozambique has emerged as an unassuming tropical sanctuary with formidable African flair.

Intertwined along its immense seascape, a chain of tropical archipelagos form an unlikely apparition upon the eastern horizon. Clustered along the coastline, these secluded sanctuaries are both an aquatic playground and a barefoot paradise for travellers.

Here, enigmatic sea creatures swim protected among the coral reefs of a national marine reserve, boats sway gently upon the glistening ocean surface while local dhows scatter the shoreline, laden with freshly caught delicacies.

Mozambique bestows upon its guests an intoxicating concoction of cultural and colonial influence against the backdrop of palm-fringed islands submerged in inspiring isolation, where remote beach lodges and coastal camps sprawl elegantly along the pristine shoreline. Characterised by warms seas and a balmy breeze, Mozambique is an African destination of worthy of relaxation and examination.