Submerged off Africa’s eastern coastline, Mauritius rises majestically from the depths of the Indian Ocean, an island paradise immersed in the warm embrace of azure waters, expansive coral reefs and gentle ocean currents.

Celebrated as a destination of blissful opulence and quiescent luxury, Mauritius is a soothing sabbatical from the mundane, an island of kaleidoscopic colours that mirror the verdant landscape as it tumbles into the blue and white hues of the ocean below.

Mauritius is a land of exciting diversity. Beyond its palm-fringed shores, a trove of surreptitious natural wonders and cultural treasures awaits. Fragrant Creole-inspired cuisines permeate inner-city markets. Anglo-French influences infuse colonial architecture. Tea and sugar plantations spread across the central plateau against the backdrop of dramatic green summits.

Day blends into night with vibrant anticipation. Boats gracefully skim the ocean, dappled in shades of gold and pink, toward a blazing horizon for sunset salutations. Hotels and restaurants light up in dazzling contrast to the oceanic milieu, ready for the connoisseurs and culture-seekers. And when the night is done, the sun bursts exuberant above the iridescent skyline. It is another perfect day on the sparkling shores of Mauritius.

In Mauritius, visitors are spoilt for choice and those willing to explore are handsomely rewarded. Enjoy stunning surrounds and first-class service when you experience the best of Mauritius.