Kenya. Iconic Africa. A global phenomenon, palpable, bright and bold. Romanticised by the world’s most respected novelists and home to the traditional safari.

Kenya is magnanimous in its earthly offerings. This is a country that seamlessly evolves from the azure waters of the eastern coastline to the snow-sprinkled peaks of Mount Kenya; from the flamingo-flocked shores of Lake Nakuru to the sleek savannah of the Massai Mara conservancy.

A magnetic melting pot of cultural, historical and environmental experiences, Kenya is authentic Africa, a triumphant spectacle of sprawling urban sensations, wondrous wildlife demonstrations and eclectic environmental exhibitions.

This is a nation unwavering in its ability to deliver a safari expedition worthy of nostalgia, while stimulating an energetic awakening to the cultural wonders of humanity. Under the canopy of the Kenyan connection, this is a country home to an enthralling array of diverse ethnicities, generous in its willingness to share its cultural philosophies.

A paradigm of African assets, Kenya is immortalised in history as the quintessential African experience. Yet, while familiar in screen and on paper, the sheer spectacle of wildebeest in their scrambled migration, giraffe in a sunset silhouette against the horizon and lion in a frenzied fight for the first share of prey are enigmatic when witnessed first-hand.

That is the power of Kenya – to unpack our belief systems, unravel our expectations and unearth our curiosity by connecting us to contrasting landscapes of vegetation and authentic ethnic experiences.

Kenya is a space for collective connection and shared experiences. A place where the peaceful procession of wildlife across arid plains in wait of rain has the power to unite strangers in a renewed empathy for the earth, a place with the capacity to become whatever you dreamt it to be.