A country rich in its natural offerings, a wilderness where ether and earth collide in a sensory spectacle of sound and colour.

Populated with wildlife unique to this prolific pocket of southern Africa, Botswana is a magnificent mirage of dramatic desert landscapes, glorious grasslands and flamboyant floodplains.

This is a country that relishes in its responsibility for its natural inhabitants, where vast conservancies of wilderness lay witness to a flourishing kingdom of African species.

From desert to delta, eclectic animal encounters are a natural phenomenon. Here, elephants move gracefully across the grassy vistas of the central Kalahari and dusty panoramas of the Makgadikgadi Pans like ghostly apparitions against the shimmering backdrop of an African horizon.

Guests to this secluded sanctuary of conservation are indulged in both man-made opulence and natural extravagance, a coexistence maintained by a collective desire to preserve the inhabitants of this pristine landscape.

Alone, the Okavango Delta is a magnificent oasis of biodiversity, where silent spaces are surprising, suddenly erupting with movement. Elephant and buffalo traverse soggy swamps, hippo sprawl lazily across watery channels and aquatic antelope gracefully navigate thick reed at the water’s edge.

Profound in its abundance, Botswana is a magnetic ecosystem of wildlife and wilderness, a country worthy of exploration and imagination.