As any equestrian will tell you, the world unfolds in unique perspective through the ears of a horse.

Africa’s vast terrain is prime for exploration on horseback. It is a continent sprawled lavishly under an infinite sky, a dramatic territory of environmental opulence where wildlife gathers in an astonishing spectacle of energetic instinct and breath-taking freedom.

The sound of hooves thundering across the earth can be heard across the limitless landscapes of Kenya’s open savannah; among the soggy swamps of Botswana’s Okavango Delta; through the mopane forest of Zimbabwe; along the salty seascapes of South Africa’s Western Cape. This is Africa at its finest, where nature meets nature in a kindred awakening of new perspectives.

If you think you’ve done and seen it all on safari, then how about swapping four wheels for four legs, and booking a horseback safari through some of Africa’s wildest places? The bush is a very different place when you experience it in a saddle, without the rumblings of a 4×4. Galloping across the open plains is quite simply life-changing.

Throughout Africa experience the thrill of viewing wildlife from horseback, as you weave through herds of grazing zebra, follow elephant tracks, and pursue a journey of giraffe galloping across the savanna.

There are many ways to experience the African bush, but few are quite as intimate, and simultaneously exhilarating, as a horseback safari. It is a unique experience that bridges the gap between man and nature. Horseback safaris are quiet and unobtrusive, allowing riders to get very close to wildlife without disturbing them.