The essence of Africa is immortalised in the pages of our fairy book culture. From the moment they are born we imprint into the dreams of our children an enchanting fantasy of forests and far away destinations, fictional fables of mystic mountains with formidable animals.

The greatest gift we can give our children is experience, exposure to the wonders of our natural world and the knowledge that something greater than ourselves exists within the golden landscapes of African scenery.

Africa is the perfect destination for a family adventure, an educational endeavour and a childhood awakening. The continent is awash with family-orientated lodges and child-friendly activities, where animal action can be observed in both safety and exhilarating proximity. It is within these moments that an understanding of our privilege is found, where our existence is magnified under the ceaseless expanse of an African sky.

Africa is infinitely more enchanting than the storybooks.

There can be no greater thrill than seeing the astomishment on the face of of your children or grandchildren as they come face to face with an elephant for the first time. Let alone their excitement when they find their safari tent is so much more than the one they’re used to in the garden. On all fronts it’s bound to be a truly unforgettable adventure.

Africans have a natural affinity with children, and in addition to your children forming bonds with, and learning from, local guides, it is not uncommon to find camp staff entertaining your kids with local games, cooking, or enquiring conversation. Further cultural opportunities like visiting local schools or villages can easily be included in most safari itineraries.

One of the most rewarding aspects of taking children on safari is how it stimulates their innate empathy towards wildlife. To watch a herd of elephant browsing peacefully on vast, tawny plains beneath a towering African sky can be a sobering experience to share with your children. If you want to show your children ‘conservation in action’, there are few better places to go than this great continent.