In Africa, animals cast a shimmering silhouette against the backdrop of rolling hills and a horizon blazing with a kaleidoscope of colours. Elephant wade purposefully through sunken swamps and vibrant forestry. Giraffes glide across the blonde plains of the open savannah. Lions stalk the mopane bush land, locked in an ancient battle of power and prowess with the spotted hyena. Baby rhino trail behind their formidable mothers, shadowed in the maternal protection of her majestic frame.

As populations grow bigger, habitats become smaller. Our natural wilderness, once teeming with creatures, is shrinking fast as vast spaces are cleared for human industry. Corrupt fables and myths perpetuate poaching, while misinformation leads to the destruction of ecosystems.

Africa is a final sanctuary for the wildlife of the world. Ignorance is at the peril of our environment. Fiercely passionate about the protection of our natural wilderness, Aya Africa has structured its operations in support of ecotourism, collaborating with establishments that uphold the same values of sustainability and preservation of Aya’s own ethos.

Aya Africa is proficient in the delicate design of luxury travel and responsible tourism. In collaboration with affiliate lodges and camps, Aya expertly combines programmes of rehabilitation, regeneration and education with an authentic safari experience.

Africa and her inhabitants are deserving of our protection. Let’s preserve her ambiance for the footsteps of the next traveller.

Phinda is one of the great success stories of African wildlife conservation. As a phinda volunteer, you’ll play a vital role in this amazing story. As part of the reserve’s main research team, you’ll help to manage thriving populations of elephant, rhino, lion, cheetah and other species. You’ll have countless chances to observe these animals in their natural habitat. And by working behind the scenes, you’ll see a side of Phinda that tourists don’t usually experience.

Visit the Lilayi Elephant Nursery in Zambia, where the team is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitatating orphaned elephants.